World Conference on Quality & Improvement

May 15 - 18, 2022  |  Anaheim, CA  |  Hybrid

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership opportunities position your company as a reliable source of insight and information. This will enhance your industry presence, help build your brand, and attract new customers.

Title Sponsorship


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As the exclusive Title Sponsor, your organization will not only be positioned as the premier supporter of WCQI 2022, but will also receive prominent branding recognition on key opportunities to amplify your presence throughout the event. Benefits include:

  • Choice of Opening Keynote Sponsorship or Solution Center Welcome Reception
  • (1) Partner Education Session
  • (1) Partner Spotlight Session
  • (1) Pre Show Email
  • (2) Mobile App Push Notifications
  • (1) 10' x 10' Standard Booth Package
  • (1) 400x300 Banner Ad on ASQ.org (50,000 impressions, May-June 2022)
  • Prominent logo recognition on select WCQI 2022 signage, marketing materials, email promotions, and social media posts

Partner Education Session

$7,500 (7 Available)

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Host a sponsor-focused 45-minute Education Session in one of the areas of focus for WCQI 2022. Sessions take place in a meeting room with LCD Projector, screen, and microphone. Hardwire internet is available for an additional cost.

Content is subject to ASQ approval and must be educational in nature.

On-Demand Education Session

$3,000 (9 Available)

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Advocate ASQ education by providing and presenting session content in one of the areas of focus for WCQI 2022.  Attendees will be able to watch these sessions at their convenience during and for 30 days post-conference for ASQ Non-members and a full year for ASQ Members. With ASQ sending dedicated emails to attendees promoting on-demand education, you are sure to expand your reach and gain valuable exposure.

Sponsor to provide pre-recorded MP4 file four weeks before the live event. 

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Lead Generation 

Lead generation opportunities attract and create awareness for your offerings. Investing in lead generation opportunities helps your company attract quality professionals to your exhibit space to engage in qualifying conversations and provide additional insight into your products and solutions.

Partner Spotlight Session 

$5,000 (10 Available)

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Your company will have 30-minutes on the Partner Spotlight Stage in the Exhibit Hall to present content and engage attendees in Q&A (LCD Projector, screen, and microphone are included). This presentation provides attendees with an opportunity to learn firsthand about your product or service that can help the betterment of the industry. As a sponsor, your company logo will be listed within the agenda and promoted by ASQ to increase awareness around your Partner Spotlight Session. 

Attendee Countdown Email

$5,000 (Exclusive)

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Get in front of WCQI 2022 attendees early and often by placing a lead banner ad in the event countdown email. ASQ will send an email to attendees once a week for the five weeks leading up to the event, starting Monday, April 11, 2022.

Footprint Floor Clings

$5,000 (2 Available)

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Increase your presence and direct attendees to your booth with 12 custom floor clings leading from the Exhibit Hall main entrance directly to your booth.  This highly visible opportunity will lead attendees to your booth to engage in meaningful conversation. 

Pre or Post Show Email*

$3,500 (*Pre Sold Out, 2 Post Available)

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Send a dedicated email to registered attendees of WCQI 2022. Use this opportunity to promote a session, case study, or simply drive traffic to your booth. Three pre-show and three post-show opportunities are available.

Content is subject to ASQ approval. Email-ready HTML file is required at least 10 business days prior to the send date.

Mobile App Push Notification

$1,000 (6 Available)

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Send your marketing message directly to the mobile devices of thousands of WCQI Conference attendees to drive traffic to your booth and maximize your conference experience!

*Max 100 characters. Two push notifications are available per day.


Connect and create deeper relationships with current clients and prospects. Hosting networking events or activations are also a great way to generate leads organically.

Solution Center Welcome Reception 

$15,000 (Exclusive)

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Gather attendees and peers for a fun and exciting Quality Quencher Happy Hour. This is a unique opportunity to connect with attendees in an informal setting.  Benefits include: 

  • Ability to host a happy hour bar near exhibit booth
  • Logo recognition at the event via the agenda and signage on-site
  • Opportunity to provide branded napkins to place on the bar

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Investing in branding opportunities in Anaheim offers the opportunity to gain valuable impressions for your company name and brand, while building curiosity regarding your solutions. Brand-centric activations like Hand Sanitizer Stations, Charging Lounges, and Water Bottles highlight your appreciation and concern for the attendee experience.

*Artwork is required 8 weeks in advance of the event date for all branding opportunities.

Registration Desk


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Get premium branding exposure by sponsoring WCQI 2022 Registration. Each attendee will see your logo on the registration confirmation email and onsite registration area, including a large floor decal and logo on the check-in screens.

Water Bottles

$24,500 (Exclusive)

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Remind attendees to stay hydrated with a complimentary reusable water bottle that can be used during and well after WCQI 2022. Distributed at registration, sponsoring this water bottle will be a rejuvenating way to get your name out to all attendees.

Registration Bag

$20,000 (Exclusive)

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Have attendees walk your company name and logo through the convention center by providing a branded tote bag. Registration bags will be used during and long after the conference, providing maximum impact! In addition, include a full-page flyer that will be included in the bag. 

Opening Keynote

$15,000 (Exclusive)

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Taking place Monday, May 16, 2022, this opening session is one of the highest-profile opportunities of the conference and will also be live-streamed to our virtual audience giving it an expanded reach. A representative from your company will have the opportunity to provide a 3-minute welcome as well as collateral to be placed on the lunch tables for additional exposure. Your logo will be displayed during the introduction and included in the agenda, signage, and anywhere the keynote is mentioned.

Closing Keynote

$15,000 (Exclusive)

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Taking place Wednesday, May 18, 2022, the closing session will also be live-streamed to our virtual audience giving it an expanded reach. A representative from your company will have the opportunity to provide a 3-minute welcome as well as collateral to be placed on the lunch tables on Tuesday for additional exposure. Your logo will be displayed during the introduction and included in the agenda, signage, and anywhere the keynote is mentioned.

Mobile App

$15,000 (Exclusive)

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Become the exclusive sponsor of the official WCQI Mobile App. The Mobile App keeps attendees connected, engaged, and informed. This opportunity also includes recognition on the home screen, an exclusive section in Mobile App, and recognition in marketing collateral and on-site signage.

Hand Sanitizer Towers

$15,000 (2 Available)

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Sponsor and include your logo on two hand sanitizing stations by the concurrent sessions and lunch area. WCQI 2022 is all about networking, so attendees will appreciate access to these stations placed in high-traffic locations. 

Charging Lounge

$12,500 (2 Available)

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Sponsor this high-profile, networking-style station where attendees can charge their electronic devices. Attendees take advantage of these charging locations to network, have lunch, or simply relax. Looking to drive traffic to your booth? Include a QR survey for attendees to complete for a chance to win a prize that will be drawn within your booth. Customization opportunities are available.

Escalator Runner

$12,500 (2 Available)

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Capture the attention of WCQI 2022 attendees as they use one of two sets of escalators outside of the Exhibit Hall throughout the week. Provide the custom artwork and messaging to ensure that your brand is in front of this highly engaged audience.

Artwork is subject to ASQ approval.

Beverage Break

$12,000 (4 Available)

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Help attendees get energized for the day's events by sponsoring one day of beverage breaks near the concurrent session space. You will receive logo recognition on signage within the break area to showcase your sponsorship and involvement. As the sponsor, you also have the opportunity to provide branded coffee sleeves or other beverage branding materials. 

Lanyards SOLD OUT

$10,000 (Exclusive)

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Every attendee must wear a badge throughout the event that will feature your company logo and ASQ's. This co-branded sponsorship ensures maximum visibility each day of the event. 

Social Media Wall

$10,000 (2 Available)

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Showcase your logo front and center with the ASQ logo on a ‘gram-worthy backdrop that attendees will use and take photos with throughout the duration of WCQI 2022 in the highest traffic area of the event. Sponsorship includes prominent logo recognition on signage and an 8' x 8' backdrop. 

Stacking Cubes

$7,500 (4 Available)

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Stand out and make a big impression! Include your marketing message or custom graphic on one (1) side of three (3) 1-meter cubes that will be stacked in a high-traffic area in the convention center.

Registration Bag Insert

$3,000 (5 Available)

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Place your company's flyer in the hands of every WCQI 2022 attendee. This opportunity is limited to five participants, so act fast! 

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